Access and Equity. Extending access to post-primary learning opportunities: a critical analysis

Case Studies & Research
22 p.

The education sector in Mozambique is looking to expand post-primary teaching and learning. This document looks at the challenges facing the ministry of education in light of the HIV/AIDS epidemic as it moves forward to do this work.Though it is not clear how the impact of HIV/AIDS will be factored into the planning of the sector, these suggested improvements will be considerably strained in the years to come.Non-formal schools provisions will need to be envisioned as well as the expansion of private and community provisions.This document outlines the directions needed to be taken to advance the education system in Mozambique, the current situation in the country, proposals to move ahead with emphasis on strategy. These strategies are then considered in light of the HIV/AIDS epidemic with suggestions for combatting the potential problems the ministry will face such as the decreasing morale for teachers, and the increasingly difficult work conditions.

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