Gimme 5, Life Orientation Game

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GIMME 5, Life Orientation Game is an awareness game made by Dr. David V. Kolnick in 2005. Played by four individuals, or two teams of two players, it is educational, affording the players the opportunity to make choices, to strategize, and to take risks in order to win. The board is a lesson. Starting from the hut, the house, the shack and the mansion, it shows that HIV/AIDS affects all people, no matter their station in life. The stepping-stones and the bridges, used here instead of the usual board squares, portray the hurdles the player has to overcome as he/she progresses through life. The hospital shows where a person is taken when he is very ill, and a discharge from it when he has sufficiently recovered. The Rainbow School is the goal, as without an education, one will not succeed in life. An important aspect of the game is introducing good values and virtues in life, which will compliment the Life Skills/Life Orientation program successfully introduced into school curricula by the South African Education Department. There is interaction between the info questions and the GIMME 5 cards, with dudes gained and lost to competitors and the board. The questions are largely obtained from junior school syllabi, enabling the children to have a great deal of fun, and at the same time learning without realizing it. This game can also be played with grade 1 or grade 2 children who are not able to read, as the teacher or a pupil who is able to read, can ask the questions and explain the rules. At the end of the game, the educator can discuss the tactics used by the player to advise where better options could have been taken.

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