HIV and education sector policies and strategic plans in some African countries

Programme Reports & Evaluations
33 p.

The present document is divided into the following sections: In chapter 2, responses in the form of general policies and HIV are discussed with the intention to define some criteria for assessing and characterising such instruments. Chapter 3 focuses more on education and tries to highlight some of the main socio-economic characteristics of the relationship between HIV and education. Chapter 4 reviews some African countries national HIV policies and educational policies. The selection criterion has been relatively straightforward: only countries where information has been easily available are included. After the review, a brief conclusion is offered. One of the main conclusions is that most countries have not yet developed their educational HIV policies and strategies, but some are in the process of doing so. The last part of the report includes a checklist which could be used as input to this work or as a tool for describing and assessing educational policies and strategies. However, as processes are going on in many countries, and new experiences are added to old knowledge, such lists necessarily will be adequate for a short time only.

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