Institutional HIV/AIDS policy University of Agriculture Abeokuta (UNAAB) Nigeria

Policies & Strategies
University of Agriculture Abeokuta
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The purpose of this policy is to ensure a consistent and equitable approach to the prevention of HIV/AIDS among employees and students, and to the management of the consequences of HIV/AIDS, including the care and support of employees and students living with HIV/AIDS. The policy has been developed and will be implemented in consultation with employees at all levels. It is in compliance with existing laws regarding HIV/AIDS and with the ILO Code of Practice on HIV/AIDS the world of work.The main objectives of the HIV and AIDS policy are:To establish guidelines for decision-making, coordination, and action on HIV and AIDS related matters in the University.To provide a safe learning and working environment that will be stimulating, supportive and free from discrimination.To guarantee learning and employment by observing the legal rights of persons living with HIV and AIDS in the University.To provide information, education, , and supportive care services that promote the personal and professional well being of students, members of staff and their dependents that are infected or affected by HIV and AIDS.To contribute to the community efforts in mitigating the impact of HIV and AIDS.

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