Religion and sexuality: a report on faith-based responses to children's comprehensive sexuality education and information

Case Studies & Research
Save the Children International
43 p., illus.

This research on faith-based perspectives on Comprehensive Sexuality Education and Information (CSE & I) seeks to explore the role of African faith-leaders in providing CSE & I, specifically the extent of their current and potential involvement, and how their involvement can be enhanced. The findings showed that religious leaders are strategically placed to play a key role in ensuring that children receive CSE & I. The study established that faith communities have many positive characteristics that could be utilised to roll out CSE & I for children. The study also analysed the opportunities and threats to religious leaders’ engagement with CSE & I. Opportunities include the fact that many religious leaders are yet to be trained, enthusiasm of religious leaders to learn, and presence of other players in the field. Threats include homosexuality legislation in many African countries, sensitivity of working with children which requires special knowledge and skills, and need for support and follow-up training. Based on an analysis of the opportunities and threats, the study makes a number of recommendations.

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