Webinar | 12 Oct 2018
Webinar: Preschools as a Platform for Improving Diet and Reducing Stunting

Improving Diet

Can Preschools or Early Childhood Development (ECD) Centers be a venue for promoting nutritious food consumption among young children? Can an integrated agriculture and nutrition intervention through an ECD center benefit children’s diet and reduce stunting? What are the various implications of introducing such interventions in preschools?

Commemorating World Food Day 2018 and its vision of a #ZeroHunger World by 2030, we welcome the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) to share global evidence and findings from a recent study in Malawi supporting the nexus between nutrition and young child development.

Date: Monday, 15th October 2018, 9am EDT/ 2pm BST/ 4pm EAT/ 9pm SGT

Featured Speaker:
Aulo Gelli, Research Fellow, International Food Policy Research Institute


There was a technical problem with the video component of this recording. You can follow the presentation using the presenter's slides.

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