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Case Studies & Research
Case Studies & Research | 2023

From invisible to indispensable

New research shows why bisexual and pansexual youth need comprehensive sexuality education that meets their needs. Comprehensive sexuality education (often referred to as CSE) is important to prepare young people for safe, productive, and fulfilling lives.

Literature Reviews
Literature Reviews | 2022

Relationships and sex education: The evidence

This briefing aims to provide an accessible and accurate summary of the latest research evidence relating to relationships and sex education (RSE), particularly the contribution of RSE to behaviour change.

Case Studies & Research
Case Studies & Research | 2023

Teachers’ perspectives on relationships and sex education lessons in England

Recent changes to the law in England require all primary schools to teach Relationships Education and all secondary schools to teach Relationships and Sex Education (RSE). Our focus in this article is on the voices of teachers and other educational professionals in relation to this change.

Learning & Teaching Materials
Learning & Teaching Materials | 2021

The Curriculum for Wales: Relationships and Sexuality Education Code

This mandatory Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) Code supports schools to design their RSE. The content is set within the context of broad and interlinked learning strands, namely: relationships and identity; sexual health and well-being; empowerment, safety and respect.