Event | 14 Nov 2022 - 16 Nov 2022
World Conference on Early Childhood Care and Education

Tashkent, Uzbekistan

A wide range of actors, varying from Member States, ministers, high-level personalities, international and regional organizations, and development partners to academics, practitioners, and civil society, will come together and contribute to tackle ECCE development initiatives. The Conference will gather approximately 1500 participants and will be organized around five themes:

  • Inclusion, quality and Well-being: curricula and learning outcomes; early stimulation, early socialization; intergenerational learning, caregiving education and support parenthood challenges; early detection and referrals care, health, nutrition, sanitation; integrated early childhood intervention services for children with developmental difficulties; inclusive.
  • ECCE workforce: pre-and in-service training, quality of professionals who interact with children and families in ECCE settings including their attraction to the profession, professionalisation, deployment, working conditions and valorisation of personnel; quality assurance aspects, including monitoring, inspection, and support.
  • Programme innovations: findings from learning sciences, linguistics, and economics; play-based learning, technology, artificial intelligence; digital, hybrid and remote learning and care services; preparation for emergency situations, including pandemics disasters and conflicts; planning for climate impacts.
  • Financing, policy and governance: including options for public expenditure; innovative financing; equity and efficiency; public-private partnerships; financial target, international cooperation, and funding. ECCE multisectorality; legal frameworks; governance structures; integration into education and learning systems; accountability through indicators, data collection, monitoring, research, and evidence, monitoring and evaluation.

More information on the conference web page