Building blocks: Asia. Briefing notes for communities working with orphans and vulnerable children

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International HIV/AIDS Alliance
18 p.

Building Blocks: Asia is a series of practical briefing notes to assist policy-makers, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), community-based organisations (CBOs), local government and communities to respond to the needs of children affected by HIV and AIDS in Asia. The development of the guides followed a similar process to the “Building Blocks Africa-wide briefing notes”, while developing completely new guidance based on regional priorities. There are seven briefing notes, comprising six topics and an overview. Each briefing note introduces issues and provides principles and strategies for guiding the response, while offering examples of best practice from programme experience. The strategies reflect international good practice and the experience of people working with orphans and vulnerable children in Asia. The different briefing notes include: Overview; Education; Social Inclusion; Protection; Care and Psychosocial Support; Health and Nutrition; Livelihoods and Economic Strengthening.

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