Condoms - a user's guide

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Swedish Association for Sexuality Education, RFSU
24 p.

Condoms - a users' guide, is a booklet written by H. Olsson for the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education (RFSU), in 2008. It is an easy to read pocket size document that gives ten penis facts with implications for condom use. The ten facts discussed are: 1) Length, 2) shape, 3) large glans, 4) girth, 5) erection - harness varies, 6) the foreskin, 7) sensitivity, 8) the balls, 9) sharp hairs, and 10) latex allergies. At the end, the question of lubrificant is also addressed. The ten facts presented apply regardless of whether the reader has a female or male partner. The document does not only focuses on technical use of condoms, like other guides usually do, but also includes information to be more comfortable with a condom and to improve pleasure.

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