Health Promoting Schools Course Student Teacher Course Book

Learning & Teaching Materials
122 p.

This course book has three modules: health promoting schools, health issues in schools, HPS planning. Schools have an important role in improving the health of children and the community. Teaching about health is one way to improve health but schools can do more. Many schools are becoming Health Promoting Schools (HPS) and the Department of Education is urging all schools to become healthy and child friendly. This course is designed to help the student teacher learn how to plan, manage and implement HPS strategies in their own school. It will cover the benefits of HPS and child friendly schools. It will introduce a range of strategies and tools to help make their classroom and school health promoting. There are many health issues in primary schools: communicable diseases like malaria and HIV, bullying, violence, poor sanitation and water, poor food quality, poor infrastructure and environment and abuse of drugs and alcohol. As schools cannot tackle these issues on their own, a key part of the course is about how to work with stakeholders and health services. Community mobilisation and participation are key to successful Health Promoting Schools. The HPS course will be linked to School Learning Improvement Plans and the implementation of the reform curriculum. This course builds on content from: Health; HIV/AIDS & Reproductive Health; Making a Living courses such as Community Projects; Gender Equity or Child Friendly Schools. Other teacher training courses that have links to HPS include: Guidance and Counselling; Classroom Management. All sessions have been designed for maximum student participation and to model best practice in teaching about health and school management. Many of the strategies you will use in sessions will be adaptable to your own teaching. If there isá anything you. The Student Teacher Course Book is designed for beginning teachers and is yours to keep. It contains the background content on Health Promoting Schools. Inside the book are sets of self study tasks. These are for you to complete in your own time or as set by your lecturer. There are also tasks to completed during your sessions. Inside the session there are a series of case studies about HPS issues. Many of these are real examples of schools trying to improve the health and well-being of their children. At the back of the course book there is a glossary and in-service guide. The guide is to help you conduct in-service for your fellow teachers after you graduate. The contact list will help you find partners for HPS work in your school.

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