Primary health and Family Life Education (H.F.L.E.) Curriculum

Learning & Teaching Materials
Ministry of Education
120 p.

This "Primary Health and Family Life Education Curriculum" was approved and edited by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago in 2006. It focuses on the development of Life Skills making children psycho-socially competent, assisting them in acquiring proper attitudes, morals and values. The document has a direct focus on an integrated approach to curriculum delivery, in which the teacher is not unduly restricted by the subject content. The document addresses four thematic areas as mandated by UNICEF in collaboration with the CARICOM Secretariat: (1) Self and Interpersonal Relationships, (2) Sexuality and Sexual Health, (3) Eating and Fitness and (4) Managing the Environment. HIV and AIDS education is introduced within the Sexuality and Sexual Health Unit. The Manual is presented in three main parts dealing with the themes of Curriculum Foundation, the Curriculum Content and the Course Outlines. The First Part is about the important philosophical statements of education to begin with the Right to Education. In this part, the nature and philosophy of knowledge, learning theories, culture and society are designed as curriculum foundation influencing goals, objectives, teaching/learning strategies and expected outcomes of the programme. The Second Part describes regional standards for each of the four (4) themes and different outcomes: learning, knowledge and concept, skills, attitude and values outcomes. The Third Part presenting Course Outlines is organized in the following three (3) levels: Level One - Infants Years One and Two; Level Two - Standards One, Two and Three; Level Three - Standards Four and Five.

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