Study on the Impact of the Schools HIV/AIDS Intervention Programme in Swaziland

Case Studies & Research
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The study was especially commissioned to find out the impact of HIV/AIDS on the education sector. It concentrated on the impact on the population as a whole, and made projections of the numbers of the infected and affected adults. There was no specific information about affected and infected teachers save for the fact that due to the high rate of infections and AIDS related deaths, training of teachers had to be intensified. For every one teacher to be trained if there was no AIDS pandemic, 2:21 will have to be trained to contain the pandemic.Also the effect of HIV/AIDS on teachers was to be realised in the loss of gains in the teacher pupil ratio. As at 1997, teacher: pupil ratio at primary and secondary schools was 1:32 and 1:18 respectively, and these were expected to rise to 1:52 by 2010. In fact by end of 2000, the teacher pupil ratio was already in excess of 1:40.One of the findings was that people, especially in the rural areas did not have much information about HIV/AIDS. It recommended therefore that schools should provide this education

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