VCT uptake and associated factors among teachers from Harari Administrative Region

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Ethiopia Journal of Health Development, 23 (3), 199-205

Background: Although HIV/AIDS is affecting most productive segments of the population, the basic education sector which is vital to the creation of human capital is also equally affected. The loss of skilled and experienced teachers due to the problem is increasingly compromising the provision of quality education in most African countries and thus, needs appropriate intervention measures that reverse the current trend. Objectives: To assess the prevalence and determining factors of VCT uptake among teachers of Harari Administrative Region. Methods: A cross sectional study design with analytic component was conducted among 566 teachers drawn from 20 randomly selected schools of Harari Administrative Region from March to April 2009. Self administered questionnaire, adapted from previous relevant studies was used to estimate the prevalence of VCT uptake and the various socio-demographic and psychological factors. Data were entered and analyzed using bi-variate and multivariate models. Results: A total number of 497 teachers responded to the questionnaire adequately making the response rate of 87.8%. The mean age of the participants was 34.68 ranging from 18 - 61 years. There were more teachers from urban areas (72.0%) and most of them were males (62.2%). About half (54.1%) were married and few (5.2%) were divorced. The vast majority (98.6%) heard about the confidential VCT service and their major sources of information were mass media (85.3%) and health workers (56.2%). The prevalence of VCT uptake was 46.3%. The odds of utilizing VCT significantly increased with being younger age group, female and first and second cycle teachers' category. Conclusions: The major factors identified for increased uptake of VCT are gender, age and salary category. Actions targeting the males, non-youth age group and low grade teachers' are necessary to follow their peer groups to utilize the VCT service in order to achieve the goal of education set for 2015.

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