Curriculum on adolescent-friendly health services and health voucher mechanisms: facilitator's training manual

Learning & Teaching Materials
Population Council
61 p.

The Adolescent Girls Empowerment Program (AGEP) in rural and urban Zambia aims to build social, health, and economic assets of adolescent girls. A safe spaces component is at the core of AGEP. Girls groups, under the guidance of a female mentor from the same community, provide a safe and supportive learning environment. The meetings are critical in building social assets for vulnerable girls - including friendships, self-esteem, trusting relationships with adults, and social support. The training content over the course of the year varies from sexual and reproductive health and life skills to financial education and nutrition training. Girls in AGEP receive health vouchers redeemable at certain public and private health providers for a package of health services. The vouchers provide for basic wellness exams, as well as age-appropriate sexual and reproductive health services. This curriculum is aimed at facilitators who train clinic providers of adolescent health services and conduct ongoing monitoring and quality assurance visits to participating clinics.

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