A chance for every schoolchild: Partnering to scale up school health and nutrition for human capital

Policies & Strategies
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Healthy and well-nourished schoolchildren learn better. Healthy children also have better chances to thrive and fulfil their potential as adults. Ensuring that girls and boys stay in school and are able and ready to learn allows countries to develop their human capital and individuals to achieve their full potential in life. It strengthens community cohesion, stability and productivity, and helps make people and societies more resilient in a rapidly changing world. This strategy presents a broad call to action and vision and a focused operational approach. It asks governments and partners to join in a new multisectoral, multi-actor response that contributes to achieving at least eight of the Sustainable Development Goals related to poverty (SDG1), hunger (SDG2), health (SDG3), education (SDG4), gender equality (SDG5), economic growth (SDG8), reduced inequalities (SDG10) and strengthened partnerships (SDG17).

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