Say it out loud - sexual wellbeing matters: perspectives from young people in Ecuador and Uganda

Case Studies & Research
Plan International
33 p. + 117 p.
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Dites-le à voix haute: le bien-être sexuel est important! Perspectives des jeunes en Équateur et en Ouganda
Dilo en voz alta: ¡El bienestar sexual importa! Perspectivas de la gente joven de Ecuador y Uganda

Many SRHR programmes are delivered through a sexual risk perspective – which means emphasising the negative consequences of sexual activity, such as unintended pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections. There has been less focus on highlighting the positive and healthy aspects of sexuality and sexual experiences. Young people’s sexual wellbeing and their evolving capacity to give and receive sexual consent need to be better understood to be included in youth programmes and policies. With this in mind, and to inform our programming and advocacy work on SRHR, Plan International commissioned research to explore young people’s perspectives of sexual wellbeing and consent. The research involves primary qualitative data collection with young people aged 18 to 24 in Uganda and Ecuador. The research project’s three main objectives are: 1) To explore the understanding of, and perspectives on, sexual wellbeing of young people in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs), including the various aspects of sexuality development during adolescence and the evolving capacity for sexual consent. 2) To contribute to the understanding of how local and contextual factors – such as predominant religion, socially acceptable norms, cultural practices and political sentiment – can influence young people’s sexual wellbeing and sexual consent in LMICs. 3) To formulate recommendations for Plan International to further strengthen their SRHR programmes for young people based on the insights generated through this research.

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