The Handbook for evaluating HIV education

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279 p.

This handbook includes evaluation designs and measurement tools necessary to collect data on the basic programme components of policy development, curriculum design, teacher training, and student outcomes. While the handbook cannot serve all evaluation purposes, it reflects the need to evaluate the basic, most central aspects of HIV prevention programs. The handbook is comprised of nine interrelated yet separate booklets, each addressing a particular evaluation need. They are: 1) Evaluating HIV education programs; 2) Developing and revising HIV policies; 3) Appraising an HIV curriculum; 4) Evaluating HIV staff development programs; 5) Assessment instruments for measuring student outcomes: grades 5-7; 6) Assessment instruments for measuring student outcomes: grades 7-12; 7) Choosing and using an external evaluator; 8) Reporting results of HIV education evaluations; 9) Evaluation of HIV prevention programs using qualitative methods.

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