Homophobic bullying in Britain's schools: the teachers' report

Case Studies & Research
32 p.

Stonewall's 2009 research The Teachers' Report found that homophobic bullying affects more than the 150,000 gay pupils we already knew to be affected from The School Report. Nine in ten secondary school teachers and more than two in five primary school teachers say homophobic bullying occurs in their school. Teachers explained that gay pupils are not the sole targets for homophobic bullying as pupils suffer homophobic bullying regardless of their sexual orientation. The results of this report confirm that homophobic bullying is a problem that affects not only young gay people, but young heterosexual people too. The findings detail the first national picture of teachers' experiences of homophobic bullying. Challenging the underlying cultural and attitudinal values that allow discrimination to flourish. Changing cultures and attitudes to positively value diversity.

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