Literacy Achievement and Retention Activity: Uganda school-related gender-based violence longitudinal study; occasion 2

Case Studies & Research
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In 2018, the Literacy Achievement and Retention Activity embarked on a longitudinal study to better understand how the Journeys intervention positively shifts its intermediate results and the related retention and learning outcomes. As a longitudinal study, at occasion 1, occasion 2, and all subsequent years, data is collected from the same pupils. Specifically, at occasion 1, pupils were in Primary (P) 2, at occasion 2, they were enrolled in P3, and at occasion 3, the pupils will be in P4. In this report we combine findings from occasion 2 analyses of the survey results with the qualitative findings. The presentation of quantitative findings focuses on the change scores, i.e., changes in student and staff survey responses from occasion 1 to occasion 2. For students, this includes Early Grade Reading Assessment (EGRA), SRGBV experiences, social and emotional learning (SEL), perceptions of school climate, gender attitudes surveys, and reading outcomes. For staff, this includes perceptions of school climate and gender attitudes.

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