Stonewall's legacy

Case Studies & Research
John Wiley & Sons
152 p.
Periodical title
ASHE Higher Education Report, volume 37, issue 4

Contemporary American colleges are increasingly queer places, where significant steps toward inclusion of BGLT students have been made. Tracing the journey of BGLT students' emergence, which parallels the modern gay rights movement in America, this monograph provides an overview of data and theory derived from studying BGLT students and student movements in higher education. Offering context for the ways that previously marginalized students in higher education survive and thrive, this issue: Tells the story of their growing visibility on campus; Summarizes collective knowledge to date about BGLT identity development; Takes stock of transgender students' distinctive position and experiences in higher education; Assesses the role of the BGLT campus resource center in supporting students and advancing equity. This issue develops a picture of the ways that BGLT community activism informs scholarship (and vice versa). In the telling of the movement's stories, these lessons suggest a practice of collaborative transformation for advancing the future of BGLT equality in higher education.

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