Appraisal of data available on violence against children in and around schools (VACS)

Case Studies & Research
UCL Institute of Education
24 p.

While violence against children (VAC) has been a long-established global concern, more recently attention has been drawn to how violence occurs in and around schools (VACS) and the role of education in preventing and responding to violence. Whilst awareness about VACS is growing, more robust data are needed to inform policy and practice. Concerns about ethical and methodological challenges may be hampering the inclusion of questions relating to violence in surveys and Education Management Information Systems (EMIS), and in data-informed programming. This resource aims to help Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) country advisers, their teams and partners to make use of existing data and plan for further data if needed to support programming. It will also be of interest to others working to improve data monitoring and use on VACS. This appraisal was prepared with funding support from UKAID. The appraisal identifies that, although there is no single survey that collects all data needed on VACS in all LMICs, a large amount of relevant data is collected regularly from a range of school-based and population-based surveys. Basic data are available in survey reports online and there is potential for additional analysis to be undertaken to further understand patterns of violence in and around school. The report concludes with recommendations for FCDO global and country-level work.

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