HIV/AIDS/STIs implementation plan 2007-2012 for the national education system of Papua New Guinea

Policies & Strategies
Papua New Guinea. Department of Education
40 p.

The HIV/AIDS Policy for the National Education System of Papua New Guinea has been widely distributed throughout the country. In 2006 the HIV/AIDS/STIs Implementation Plan 2007-2012 for the National Education System of Papua New Guinea was developed. The five year Implementation Plan is based on the HIV/AIDS Policy. A number of activities have been included to address each of the four key strategic areas: 1. Prevention for students; 2. Care and support for students; 3. HIV/AIDS in the workplace; 4. Managing Education's response to HIV/AIDS in the Policy. The main goal of the HIV/AIDS Policy and the HIV/AIDS Implementation Plan is to ensure intensive work will be conducted by DoE and its partners in all aspects of prevention, care, treatment and support for students, teachers, parents and communities. The Implementation Plan is very concerned to promote greater equity for females and to encourage males to be more aware of how physical and social power promotes the transmission of the virus. Curricula and training will emphasise this Departmental requirement. Strategies for addressing gender issues should be included in the regular syllabi of all schools whether state or faith based.

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