Prevention of violence against LGBTIQ+ youth: a systematic review of successful strategies

Policies & Strategies
p. 1-12
Periodical title
International Journal of Educational Research, 124 (2024), 102320

Discrimination and violence against LGBTIQ+ young people have direct and long-term effects on their health and well-being, with high levels of harassment, marginalisation, violence and, consequently, a higher likelihood of school absenteeism and suicidal thoughts. However, there is little systematisation of data showing which strategies are contributing to the prevention of this situation. The study reviews the scientific literature on the main findings. A systematic review was conducted in scientific databases, 41 studies that showed successful actions to reverse the reality of discrimination and violence against the group were selected. From literature review, it is concluded that interventions focusing on upstander training and community-based actions contribute to reducing bullying, gender-based violence and mitigating its adverse effects on LGBTIQ+ youth's well-being.

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