Standards for sexuality education in Europe: guidance for implementation

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The Guidance for the Implementation of the Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe outlines the process for developing a national school-based sexuality education programme and provides step-by-step guidance on how to introduce new or improve existing sexuality education programmes. The Guidance is designed to build on a curriculum framework as a model that maps out the process of developing a sexuality education programme using this framework. This model should be adapted to reflect national differences in the education sector. The publication is targeted to decision-makers in educational programmes working on the policy level and technical working groups which translate a general framework into practical documents and procedures. The objectives of the publication are to: (1) provide guidance in the process of developing, implementing or improving sexuality education programmes; (2) provide advice about who should be involved at different stages of its development; (3) provide suggestions for seizing opportunities and for meeting challenges in the development and introduction of sexuality education programmes.

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