Тренинг для тренеров «Профилактика распространения ВИЧ-инфекции в молодежной среде. Подготовка волонтеров для работы по технологии «равн

Learning & Teaching Materials
Zdorovaja Rossija Fond
60 p.

This manual is part of a kit produced within a Russian extracurricular programme on HIV and AIDS education using the peer education method. It is intended for all specialists working with young people: teachers, social workers, students, etc. The document explains how to prepare young people aged 14-19 for voluntary work in the field of HIV and AIDS education among their peers. The present document consists in recommendations on the organization and carrying out of the training of young volunteers. It supplements the main manual (Manual for trainers: preparation of volunteers to work on HIV prevention among young people). It is divided into two main chapters: 1) "The conception of training for trainers", 2) "The carrying out of the training". The first chapter delivers information on the objectives of the training and the criteria to choose the volunteers. The second chapter provides a schedule of a three days training divided into 21 sessions, with a precise description of various interactive activities.

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