2022 Global Nutrition Report: Stronger commitments for greater action

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2022 rapport sur la nutrition mondiale: des engagements plus forts pour une action plus efficace
2022 Informe de la nutrición mundial: compromisos más firmes parauna acción más decida

Poor diets and malnutrition in all its forms are among the greatest global social challenges of our time. The Nutrition Year of Action spotlighted the urgent need for more action whilst ensuring that all stakeholders are held accountable for their commitments. The 2022 Global Nutrition Report provides an analysis of commitments made across a large range of stakeholders at all levels, setting out where they have stepped up, highlighting potential gaps and making recommendations for where greater efforts or action is needed. The structure and content of the report reflects the change in accountability required to support a change in action, highlighting the unique and synergistic role of each actor in the response. Chapter one introduces and showcases the value of the Nutrition Accountability Framework (NAF) developed by the GNR. Chapter two provides an overview of commitments made by all stakeholders under the NAF. Chapters three to seven take a deep dive into commitments made by each stakeholder group, ordered by the number of commitments made, including governments, donors, civil society organisations (CSO), businesses, international organisations and academia.

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