Health and family life education: teacher's guide

Learning & Teaching Materials
Macmillian Education
184 p.

This "Health and Family Life Education" curriculum was developed by Gerard Drakes, Mavis Fuller, Christopher Graham and Barbara Jenkins, in coordination with a number of different official partners of Caribbean countries, as well as UNICEF, UNESCO and the Education Development Center Inc (EDC). The manual was published in 2011. The main goal of this Curriculum is to help lower secondary students in acquiring skills necessary to cope with the challenges facing Caribbean societies nowadays, to make healthy life choices, assisting them in developing proper attitudes, morals and values. Developing these skills and attitudes are crucial for children in order to make them adopt the behaviors enabling to deal effectively with the reality and demands of daily life, including HIV and AIDS, violence, health and environmental problems. The document has a direct focus on an integrated approach to curriculum delivery, in which the teacher is not unduly restricted by the subject content. The curriculum is divided in two parts: The first part addresses different themes dealing with the definition of life skills and different teaching, evaluation and assessment methods. The four themes are introduced and explained in details with all needed resources: (1) Self and Interpersonal Relationships (2) Sexuality and Sexual Health (3) Eating and Fitness and (4) Managing the Environment theme. The second part of the manual refers to the Student's Books 1, 2 and 3.

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