Learning about living: the electronic version of FLHE. North Nigeria, version 1.1. Teachers manual 2009

Learning & Teaching Materials
OneWorld UK
Butterfly Works
Action Health Incorporated
Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council, NERDC
277 p.

This document introduces the electronic version of Family Life and HIV/AIDS Education (FLHE), based on the Nigerian FLHE curriculum. The programme combines an e-learning environment for computers including One Laptop per Child (OLPC) and Classmate with a mobile phone service. This combination of digital tools, content formats and student-centred learning can be harnessed for learning and communicating about many topics. The programme is designed to work on any regular computer or the OLPC and Classmate computers. The programme provides the participants with information techology skills, improving their chances on the job market. Learning about Living is designed as an educational tool that can be used in and out of school to enhance the reproductive and mental well-being of young people by empowering them to make informed decisions about their sexual health. The document is divided into five chapters on the following themes: human development (ground rules, puberty, body image); relationships (family, love, friendship, relationships and society); personal skills (self-esteem, finding help, communication, personal values, negotiation, decision-making, goal-setting, assertiveness); HIV infection (STIs and HIV, abstinence, abuse); society and culture (humanity and society, gender roles, diversity, religion, arts, law, media). Each chapter is developed in the same way, and includes: performance objectives, lesson plan, "info cartoon" and lesson activities. The document promotes communication between parents and children in a part called "Talking with Children". It also provides a mobile phone service answeing young people's questions about HIV and AIDS. Two services, My Question and My Answer, are available for free through text messaging, the internet or using a telephone hotline. Questions are answered by trained counsellors based in Education as a Vaccine Against AIDS (EVA) (Abuja office).

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