Life orientation: life skills and HIV/AIDS illustrative learning programme. Grade 8

Learning & Teaching Materials
Department of Health
129 p., 114 p.

The life orientation programme is designed for youth and adolescents with a view to equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to make informed and healthy decisions. It majors on the learner's self-efficacy with reference to themselves, and their influence on others and society; the clarification of personal, cultural, societal norms, beliefs, values-spiritual development; personal development-self discipline, self-awareness and acceptance/ownerships of own life and their future; personal accountability. The programme builds on the primary school programme by focusing more specifically on: relationships, teenage sexuality, development norms, risky behaviour, life skills and so on. It provides preparation and facilitation guidelines for the educator and makes use of interactive activities and exercises that will facilitate learning and stimulate individual learner's contribution. It contents are: 1) Educators guide, 2) Learners workbook.

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