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Case Studies & Research
Case Studies & Research | 2022

Experiences and perceptions of mid-adolescents, parents and teachers on comprehensive sexuality education: a multiple country-based qualitative research study in Bangladesh, Jordan, Burundi; policy brief - Jordan

Reflecting on the main report “Experiences and Perceptions of Mid-adolescents, Parents and Teachers on Comprehensive Sexuality Education: A Multiple Country-based Qualitative Research Study in Bangladesh, Jordan, Burundi”, SERAC-Bangladesh along with the University of Jordan, AFPA-Burundi and Sha

Toolkits & Guides
Toolkits & Guides | 2020

Ready to come back: teacher preparedness training package

Global school closures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic present an unprecedented risk to children’s education, protection and well-being. Teachers and other education staff are at the forefront ensuring children keep learning.