The ABCs of AIDS prevention

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Virginia, USA
24 p.

This document is the special issue of the Christians Connections for International Health (CCIH) Forum, which focuses on one aspect of the biggest challenge in the field of international health: how to reduce and reverse the spread of HIV and AIDS. It was developed in response to the need expressed by the global community for churches and religious organizations, to cooperate in playing a central role in confronting this destructive pandemic; as the major role played by faith-based organizations in the care and support of people living with HIV and AIDS has been recognized for years. This special issue titled "The ABC Strategy for AIDS Prevention" stands for: A- Abstinence; B- Being faithful; and C- Condom use. The following are its main contents: 1) The ABCs of HIV and AIDS prevention- seeking the evidence and telling the truth (by Henry Mosley); 2) AIDS prevention- a faith-based perspective (by Dorothy Brewster Lee); 3) Doing A & B well: behavioural change with youth in an era of HIV and AIDS (by Carl Stecker); 4) Testimony from the field (by Marckenzy Detérière); 5) Cyber notes; news from the field about ABC and AIDS prevention; suitable for framing: An ABC of safe sex (by Alex Flett); and 6) Patterns for life (by Ken Jenkins).

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