Activity book: beacon schools

Learning & Teaching Materials
Addis Ababa
Health Communication Partnership, HCP Ethiopia
United States President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, PEPFAR
Save the Children USA
United States Agency for International Development, USAID
94 p.
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Qajeelfama Leenjisaa
Mana Barumsaa Akka Fakkeenyaatti Ilaalamu

This activity book contains a series of 10 activities for primary school students aged 10 to 12. Designed primarily as an HIV and AIDS curriculum, the Beacon School activity book use activities, exercises, and stories to deliver behaviour change message related to HIV and AIDS. Participating students learn basic life skills and personal and environmental hygiene. They also gain knowledge about, and develop, healthy attitudes towards HIV and AIDS. Goals, key messages, overview, time allocated, necessary materials and preparation are specified for each activity. The document is intended to be implemented by primary school teachers for 5th and 6th Grade students, either in informal extracurricular settings or as part of anti-AIDS or adolescent reproductive health clubs. The documents provides 10 activities: 1) Communication, 2) Values. 3) Knowing yourself, believing in yourself, 4) Making decisions and imagining our futures, 5) Personal and environmental hygiene, 6) Our body and puberty, 7) Harmful traditional practices and gender, 8) Abstaining from bad habits, 9) HIV and AIDS, and 10) Stigma and discrimination. The activities and teaching topics focus on HIV and AIDS and life skills. Messages are communicated through various teaching methods such as role-play, discussions, questions, exercises, games and homework.

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