Assessment: legal and regulatory framework affecting treatment and services for most-at-risk populations in Ghana

Case Studies & Research
Washington DC
Futures Group, Health Policy Initiative, Task Order 1
42 p.

In recognition of the importance of an enabling legal and policy environment that supports MARPs and their access to services, the Ghana AIDS Commission requested that the United States Agency for International Development - supported Health Policy Initiative conduct a qualitative assessment to develop an understanding of the current legal and policy framework for MARPs. An enabling environment reduces stigma and discrimination (S&D) against MARPs, protects their rights, and ensures that they have access to needed services. The current assessment adds to existing knowledge about important HIV&AIDS stakeholders' views on the legal and policy environment affecting MARPs in Ghana. It also contributes to interventions and policy and legal reform processes that will help reduce the vulnerability of MARPs to HIV and thus the nationwide impact of the HIV epidemic. The assessment findings complement an ongoing assessment by the United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS and contribute to Ghanaian efforts in the area of policy and legal reform. They will also help inform the National Strategic Plan for HIV&AIDS (NSP) 2011-2015, which is currently under development.

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