The common approach to sponsorship-funded programming: School health and nutrition module

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Save the Children
67 p.

The module is divided into two main sections: 1. About School Health and Nutrition Programs: This section provides the rationale for SHN and introduces the Focusing Resources on Effective School Health (FRESH) international framework for SHN programming. It also includes Save the Children’s experience and approach to SHN programming; outlines key principles that should guide all Save the Children SHN programs; and highlights the important links SHN programs must make with Save the Children’s other sponsorship-funded programs as well as programs outside Save the Children. 2. The Common Approach to School Health and Nutrition Programming: This second section walks you through each of the seven steps of the Common Approach program cycle, with SHN-specific guidance provided for each step. Particular emphasis is placed on the situational analysis and program design steps.

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