Cyber Cafe: a how-to manual: including designing a web site and implementing an online peer education program

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Washington D.C
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The goal of Cyber Caf├ęs, A How-to Manual is to guide youth-serving NGOs in creating cyber caf?s to promote youth's reproductive and sexual health. Within this primary goal, the cyber caf? is an important tool to achieve several other goals. It will allow young people to: 1) access the Internet and search for accurate and up to date information on sexual health; 2) experience community, both online and off; 3) increase youth's computer literacy; and 4) improve youth's job related skills. Throughout the manual, examples and brief case studies, in sidebars and boxes, illustrate points made in the main text. Finally, a glossary of computer related terms will help readers who don't feel particularly comfortable with computer or Internet jargon.

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