Development and disasters in a time of HIV and AIDS: an HIV mainstreaming toolkit for development and humanitarian response workers

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100 p.

This toolkit provides a practical guide to the work of HIV mainstreaming. It has four parts: Part 1 sets out CAFOD's understanding of and commitment to HIV mainstreaming and locates this within its wider response to HIV. Part 2 offers tools and processes for applying HIV mainstreaming to development and humanitarian response programmes. It identifies implications for programme design and implementation (external or programme mainstreaming), and can also indicate some issues arising from this for the internal (organisational) policies and practices of the partner programme. Part 3 looks at applying these HIV mainstreaming tools to internal, or organisational, policies and practices. It might also be used, with appropriate modifications, with partner organisations who want to undertake a more thorough internal HIV mainstreaming analysis. Part 4 contains additional resources for those who wish to find out more, or who are responsible for training others in the mainstreaming approach.

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