Draft Action Plan for Addressing Adolescent Health and Teenage Pregnancy in Kenya

Policies & Strategies
37 p.

The National Plan of Action (NPA) on Adolescents and Teenage Pregnancy was first developed in 2019, to guide the implementation of programmes. The continuing and emerging challenges; and new data; and commitments, necessitated revision of the NPA to incorporate new programmes towards teenage pregnancy prevention, adopt a multi-sectoral approach as well as assign issue-based roles to various actors and avoid fragmented implementation of programmes, duplication of interventions and promote leveraging of resources. The plan contains key action points derived from the following four outcome areas: parents/caregivers, religious leaders and cultural leaders equipped with knowledge and skills for protection of girls from teenage pregnancies and adolescent health; increased participation of adolescent girls, and boys (including children living with disability) in adolescent health and child protection initiatives; strengthened government systems and structures for promoting adolescent health and protection of girls against teenage pregnancies; and strengthened research, documentation and use of ICT to inform evidence based programming. The National Plan of Action will guide implementation of adolescents and health programs for the next 5 years from 2022-2027 in a multi-sectoral approach.

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