The education sector HIV and AIDS workplace policy

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Ministry of Education & Sports
Uganda AIDS Commission
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In 2004, the Ministry of Education and Sports (MOES) decided to develop an HIV and AIDS policy for the whole education sector. As a component of the Education sector HIV and AIDS policy, the workplace policy addresses all HIV and AIDS related issues at the education workplaces. The scope of the Workplace Policy is:Ministry of Education and Sports HeadquartersParastatal and CommissionsSchools, Colleges and InstitutionsThe purpose of the workplace policy is to ensure a consequent and equitable approach to the prevention of HIV and AIDS amongst the sector employees and to the comprehensive management of the consequences of HIV and AIDS, including care and support for employees living with HIV and AIDS.The Workplace Policy on HIV and AIDS for education institutions is part of the overall Public Service Human Resource Policy, dealing with HIV and AIDS at the workplace and the family environment and shall be integrated into all relevant policy and procedure manuals for MOES.

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