Family life, reproductive health, and population education: key elements of a health-promoting school

Advocacy Materials
80 p., tabs.

This document has been prepared to help people make a case for school-based efforts to address and improve family life, reproductive health, and population education, and to plan, implement, and evaluate school-based efforts as part of the development of a "Health-Promoting School". It is for people such as: governmental policy and decision makers (programme planners and coordinators at local, district, provincial and national levels), members of non-governmental organisations (including programme staff and consultants of national and international health, education and development agencies), community leaders (such as local residents, social workers, health care providers, media representatives, religious leaders and development assistants), and members of the school community (including teachers, parents and students), who are interested in advocating for and initiating school-based efforts related to family life, reproductive health and population education. This document provides comprehensive information that can be used across cultures. It consists of 6 sections: the content of section 2 in particular is relevant to creating arguments for such interventions in schools. Subsequent sections 3 through 6, give an overview of how these interventions and training can be planned, implemented, and evaluated while at the same time creating or expanding a "Health-Promoting School."

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