Guidelines on prevention of communicable diseases in schools / kindergartens / kindergartens-cum-child care centres / child care centres

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Department of Health
51 p.

Effective prevention of communicable diseases in schools/centres not only safeguard the health of children and staff by minimising the harm caused by the diseases, but also ensure a delightful learning environment to support the healthy development of children. It is incumbent on every school/centre staff to learn how to prevent communicable diseases. We intend to provide some practical information on infection prevention measures in this set of guidelines for those working in schools/centres. Every school/centre staff has the responsibility to understand the guidelines and undertake preventive measures accordingly. The guidelines comprise seven major sections. While individual staff may refer to the relevant sections as necessary, person-in-charge of schools/centres and/or the designated staff should familiarise with the content to coordinate the infection control issues and prevent the spread of communicable diseases within their settings.

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