Health, rights and well-being: a practical tool for HIV and sexual and reproductive health programmes with young key populations in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

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IPPF European Network
146 p.

This new toolkit aims to support young people in Eastern Europe and Central Asia who are particularly vulnerable to HIV infection and are facing widespread stigma, discrimination and violence. “Health, rights and well-being” is a practical guide for programming on HIV and sexual and reproductive health care with young key populations. It was developed on the basis of discussions in eight countries with young people from groups that are most at risk of HIV infection: sex workers, drug users, men who have sex with men and prisoners. The toolkit describes the situations they face, policy and legal contexts, and includes examples of good practice and tips for implementing successful programmes from the young people themselves. It provides practical support to all those working to ensure that the rights of these young people are met, that discrimination is stopped, and that they can fulfil their potential. The guide is designed for public health care professionals, health workers, managers of HIV and SRHR programmes and NGOs, including community groups.

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