Healthy Child Wales Programme: for school aged children: How school nursing services in Wales deliver a universal health programme

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The Welsh Government expects that every child and young person of compulsory school age will be offered the Healthy Child Wales Programme. School nursing services will provide equitable health provision for school age children across Wales by:

  • introducing a standardised operating model for school nursing services for all compulsory school aged children across Wales, regardless of setting
  • producing a clear set of pathways for children and young people to access support tailored according to their level of need
  • improving the health and wellbeing of school aged children and support them to make informed choices as they develop through childhood and adolescence by delivering evidence based public health programmes and prioritising high impact areas of need, including: health and growth; supporting the prevention of communicable infectious diseases; whole school approach, including emotional health and wellbeing; relationships and sexuality; transition; nutrition, hydration and weight management; smoking cessation; healthy lifestyle and choices; alcohol and substance misuse
  • supporting children and young people to make informed choices throughout school life to reduce health inequalities and improve public health outcomes
  • raising awareness of the school nursing services role, including healthcare professionals engaged in delivering the Healthy Child Wales Programme, with children and young people, parents/carers, families and other public service organisations
  • making sure safeguarding is embedded throughout the new unified operating mode.
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