HIV and emergencies: one size does not fit all

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Overseas Development Institute, ODI
4 p.
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Ovesrseas Development Institute, Briefing Paper, 50, 2009

The dynamics and impact of HIV in humanitarian crises are complex. They depend on the kind of crisis: is it the result of conflict, a rapid-onset natural disaster (such as a flood or cyclone), or a slow-onset emergency caused by drought or environmental degradation? It also depends on the HIV prevalence rate before the crisis, the political situation, the scale and duration of the crisis, the existing infrastructure and services and the level of awareness of HIV. Case studies from five countries facing very different emergencies and HIV prevalence rates were backed by a literature review. The countries represent three, often overlapping, types of emergency: conflict, rapid onset and slow onset. The Overseas Development Institute examined the impact of emergencies on three areas: the risk of HIV transmission; people's ability to cope; and the effects on health-related services.

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