HIV prevention through drugs and sex education in junior high schools in Bandung West Java: the teachers' perspective

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Acta Medica Indonesiana

The aim of this report was to identify teachers' views on knowledge, skills and curriculum content needs; attitudes; self-efficacy; and beliefs regarding teaching reproductive health and drug education in their junior high schools, in order to identify whether such programs should be implemented. From February through April 2009, 133 teachers completed a survey documenting socio demographics, behavioral intention, perceived behavior control, content knowledge, school climate, reproductive health (RH) knowledge and school drug education (DE). Intention to teach RH (teenage pregnancy, STIs, etc.) and DE classes (resisting peer pressure, effects of drugs, etc.) was high among all teachers. As there is high motivation among teachers, a RH and DE curriculum should be developed. However, teachers skills in this areas should be assessed and strengthened before such a curriculum is implemented.

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