International technical and programmatic guidance on out-of-school comprehensive sexuality education: an evidence-informed approach for non-formal, out-of-school programming

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New York
79 p.
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Orientaciones técnicas y programáticas internacionales sobre educación integral en sexualidad fuera de la escuesla: Un enfoque basado en evidencia para programas extraescolares

This publication offers in-depth programmatic guidance on how to develop CSE programmes that are appropriate and safe for different groups of children and young people, especially those who are unlikely to be addressed in CSE programmes for children and young people generally. It includes young people from specific left-behind populations: Young people with disabilities; Young people in humanitarian settings; Young indigenous people; Young lesbian, gay and bisexual people, and other young men who have sex with men; Young transgender people; Young intersex people; Young people living with HIV; Young people who use drugs; Young people who sell sex; Young people in detention.

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