JAWS - HIV/AIDS Readers Teacher's Guide

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Heinemann Educational Publishers
40 p.

The HIV/AIDS Teacher's Guide is a companion document to the Junior African Writers HIV/AIDS Series (JAWS), a series of 24 story and information books (available for purchase) geared for children ages 5 to 18, and provides an illustrated educational resource to teach children in Africa about HIV/AIDS and related issues. This Teacher's guide is designed to give teachers with extra information on topics related to HIV and AIDS so they can speak with confidence in their classroom. Section I outlines the ten themes covering basic HIV/AIDS information on which the series is built: 1) life skills, 2) gender, power and human rights, 3) stigma and discrimination, 4) normalization and disclosure, 5) care and support, 6) orphans and vulnerable children, 7) death, loss, and grief, 8) feelings, 9) information about HIV and AIDS, and 10) prevention. The teacher's guide assists in selecting age-appropriate stories, discussing each theme, choosing activities, and emphasizing key messages for each theme. Section 2 gives the teachers with ideas for additional activities for each title and suggests some further readings available to teach learners how the HIV virus is transmitted and how they can protect themselves. It follows the four age levels of the readers title by title. This teacher's guide provides guidance on how to use the series to create a classroom space for questions, arguments, reflection and discussion. The JAWS series is particularly useful to supplement the different HIV and AIDS education programmes, or if these prgorammes are not set up in the school because it make teachers able to cover the main themes in HIV and AIDS Education. Through reading an engaging story based on real life, about someone like them, learners find out about HIV and AIDS in an informal way without even realizing that they are learning. Nevertheless, it is to the teachers to adapt each subject to their classroom circumstances and to the different ages of learners.

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