My changing body: puberty and fertility areness for young people

Learning & Teaching Materials
Washington, DC
Georgetown University, Institute for Reproductive Health
199 p.
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Mon corps qui change : connaissance de la puberté et fertilité pour les jeunes
Mi cuerpo està cambiando: un manual del conocimiento de la pubertad y de la fertilidad para la gente joven

This is a manual for human development and fertility teachers of very young adolescents (VYA). It provides participatory activities on fertility awareness (understanding of maturing bodies and emotional changes that accompany puberty, empowering them to make informed decisions in their sexual behavior) and body literacy (understanding how bodies function, gender roles, power relations, social norms). VYA often lack information and skills to deal with the social, emotional, physical changes of puberty. This six-session course enables the participant to understand: physical and emotional pubescent changes; how/when puberty occurs; physical development/body changes; sexual feelings; conception, female/male fertility; dispelling fertility myths; fertilization process; awareness of fertility signs; maintenance of good hygiene; socially-constructed gender roles; and communicating about puberty with peers and adults.

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