National teacher training HIV baseline survey Malawi 2009

Case Studies & Research
Theatre for a Change UK
Theatre for a Change Malawi
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The Theatre for a Change Teacher Training HIV Baseline Survey was carried out in November, 2008, in five of Malawi's nine primary Teacher Training Colleges (TTCs). 10.1% of the total populations were sampled for the survey, a total of 336 respondents. Data was triangulated through three research tools: questionnaires, semi-structured interviews (SSIs) and activity-based workshops. These different tools allowed for knowledge, attitudes and behaviour to be sampled, for contradictions to be investigated, and for the data to be as representative as possible of the reality for pre-service teachers in the TTCs. The survey focused on key areas relating to HIV risk and prevention, both among the pre-service teachers coming to the end of their training in the TTCs and their future pupils.

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