Nutrition, for Every Child: UNICEF Nutrition Strategy 2020–2030

Policies & Strategies
New York
xi, 99 p. + 16 p.

The UNICEF Nutrition Strategy 2020–2030: Nutrition, for Every Child outlines UNICEF’s strategic intent to support national governments and partners in upholding children’s right to nutrition, and ending malnutrition in all its forms over the next decade. The strategy builds on UNICEF’s past strategic guidance and programme experience, while embracing six strategic shifts to respond to the evolving face of child malnutrition: 1) An explicit focus on addressing child malnutrition in all its forms; 2) A comprehensive life cycle approach to nutrition programming; 3) A deliberate emphasis on improving diets, services and practices; 4) A systems approach to maternal and child nutrition; 5) A greater attention to private sector engagement; 6) A universal vision and agenda relevant to all countries.

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